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TorchwoodUSA Welcome!

Greetings and welcome, and everything else.

This LJ community (and associated other communities) was created in the hopes of accumulating a good deal of the US Torchwood fan base together and keep us all informed on what's going on here in the US in relation to the show!

A little history lesson: Torchwood, a spinoff of the sci-fi classic, Doctor Who premiered in the UK in October 2006. It follows a group of people who work for the Torchwood agency, which first appeared in Series 2 of Doctor Who, and are lead by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness. Immediately, Torchwood was a huge hit in the UK, smashing viewing figure records overnight. The first series (that's season for us here in the US) ended on New Years with an epic two-episode finale. All this time, the show had a huge following online. The online community spread well beyond the UK (as we all well know). Finally, it was announced that it was going to be picked up by BBC America to be shown here in the US. Currently, Torchwood is running on BBC America (New Episodes Saturday @ 9) and has been an unprecedented success! In January, Torchwood's second series (that's season for us here in the US) will be broadcast over in the UK.

Enough history, onto stuff about the community! I'm Estel (aka a million other things), and the other person (who is really in charge) who manages the community and an associated Yahoo group is scifichicx. We put this place together to gather other people, who, like us, love Torchwood and live here in the USA! We'll do our best to keep you informed on things like events, special dates, and big news!

This is a place for anything Torchwood. Discussion of characters, episodes, plots, and other stuff as well as fanish things like fics and art are all welcome! News, of course, is also always welcome! Please, rate everything appropriately, and ALWAYS follow our spoiler guidelines!!

With all that said, I'd just like to say, welcome! Comment to this post to let us know who you are!
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