crabby_lioness (crabby_lioness) wrote in torchwoodusa,

Fic: Hostage Situation 1/2

 Title:   Hostage Situation 1/2

Author: CrabbyLioness

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Summary:  Jack wants to role-play.  Ianto indulges him, with unforseen consequences.

Rating:  R

Warning:  bondage, angst, smut

Spoiler for the BBCA Captain's Blog for Sleeper.

Author's Note:  This thing is getting too long for lj to handle comfortably, so I'm breaking it in half.  I'll post the second half before the Adam airs.  (Knock on wood.)

Other security issues: Gwen taken hostage again. I’m beginning to think she’s jinxed. And why am I never taken hostage? I could be a good hostage. I never get any of that Stockholm Syndrome action. 

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