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Fic: Hostage Situation 2/2

 Title:   Hostage Situation 2/2

Author: CrabbyLioness

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Summary:  Jack wants to role-play.  Ianto indulges him, with unforeseen consequences.

Rating:  NC-17

Warning:  Another one of my "throw in everything including the kitchen sink" stories.  Bondage, sadism, angst, smut, fluff, mention of graphic mutilation (past), and my first complete explicit sex scene(s).  Not for the squeamish.  Youve been warned.

Spoilers for DWS3 and the BBCA Captain's Blog for Sleeper.

Sorry for the delay.  Worried some parts of this like a dog worrying a bone.  Rewrote a few paragraphs half a dozen times.  Hope the result is worth the wait.

Part 1

Jack was shoved.... 

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