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net updates

Captain's blog has been updated to include episode 4, Cyberwoman. I
can't wait to see the introspection that comes from Small Worlds with
it being such an important episode for Jack. They are written by the
actual writers of the series so yeah, they are canon.

From I've learned good news and bad news. Bad news
is that Friday Night is Music Night has been canceled due to
legal-type problems. However on a lighter note, John has just been
confirmed to be a guest on Hotel Babylon. This won't mean anything for
a while, but the show IS on BBC America so eventually he can be seen.
On a fun note: chances are he'll be having sex. :-D is holding a Torchwood essay contest.
The top five top entries win prizes! Check out the site for details.

Seems like the net is alive for Torchwood fans. Torchies? Woodies?
What do we call ourselves? Hahaha. So apparently this is a good time
for being a fan. How goes the Panto flyer competition? Anyone take any
good pictures?

Have fun!

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