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DVD Vote

I just got some fantastic info from BBC America!

The Torchwood DVD boxset, as you may know, is going to hit stores on
January 22nd. By far one of the biggest fan disappointments is when
the packaging of their favorite show's DVD has a lame cover. Not this
time! Very soon, the BBC website will host a cover vote and we fans
get to choose which cover we want on the DVD! The voting is ONLY going
to be happening between October 15th and October 26th on the BBC
America website and I will post the link to the voting as soon as it
becomes active. The BBC America publicist had this to say,

"When the voting closes, the artwork that receives the most votes will
be used for this highly-anticipated 7-disc box set, which contains
over 6 hours of bonus features. In addition, 20 voters will be chosen
at random to receive a copy of the DVD once available at retail."

So let's get some hype goin' and let the fans have some power!

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