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Offering support

So I just heard from John Barrowman's mailing list that his newest puppy Tiger had to be put to sleep last night. If you know anything about John, you probably know how much he loves dogs, especially his dogs. This is the second pet loss he's suffered in less than a year (just a few months, I think) and besides the sadness he has to go through this in the middle of the busiest time of his life.

We obviously all love him. That's why we're here right? The show is fantastic and John is an important part of that. So what I'm wondering is, who is ok with giving something back for an actor that gives so so much to his fans? There is this charity John sponsors called Dogs Trust and instead of cards or flowers he asked that fans show their support by donating. There are so many of us fans that it wouldn't take much from each of us to end up making a huge contribution. I'm waiting back on details about a group donation but if nothing else you can check out the official charity site or the page about it on John's site and then here is the page about Tiger that says to make donations on behalf of Tiger Barrowman Gill.

I'm sure there are people in this comm that have already given to the charity and I'm certainly not putting anyone down who doesn't want to (or can't as the case often is) but I just thought it might be a nice thing that could cheer him up if we band together and do something. What do you all think? Who is interested? We know John loves his fans so let's love him right back.

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